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Sip Beauty Community is a beauty rewards program that gives community members access to members-only discounts, exclusive samples and VIP events.

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Sip Beauty Community Levels

Level 00 - 299 Status Points
Level 1300 - 599 Status Points
Level 2700 - 999 Status Points
Level 31000 + Status Points

Why join?

Sip Beauty Community offers exclusive discounts and rewards based on your Status Level. Every $ you spend converts into Status Points!

Depending on your Status Level you will have access to:

  • Members-only discounts
  • Product samples
  • Exclusive access to new masterclasses
  • VIP events
  • Customised online shopping experience
  • AND a Birthday gift!

Better yet, every $ you spend also converts into Beauty Points which you can cash in for products!

Frequently asked question

The Sip Beauty Community has four levels of recognition – Level 0, 1, 2, 3, with rewards varying between each level. Any purchases made online or in-store contribute points and you will be promoted to each level based on your spend. The higher the level the higher the offers and rewards.

Yes, each level has a different reward, offer or discount which is sent out to your nominated email or phone number via text message.

Every time you spend in-store or online with Sip & Style Co you will receive 1 Beauty Point for every $1 dollar spent.

We may offer special promotions that enable you to get double points, so keep an eye on your emails.

No! Your Beauty Points will remain in your account until you cash them in, yay!

Yes, your Status Level resets on the 1st of January every calendar year. To maintain your Status Level you will need to get Beauty Points (by making purchases) in that calendar year.

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