Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Dec 12, 2021Ari Ahearne
If you are anyone like me, you leave Christmas shopping right down to the wire. So, to make Christmas shopping a breeze I have compiled the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. This is perfect for the hard-to-buy-for friends and the mothers-in-law that have it all. This gift guide features a range of gift ideas from self-care to fun experiences but most importantly, this gift guide will not break the bank.


FOR your lash tech

We know your lash tech works hard (especially over Christmas), that is why we recommend getting her Milkshake Dry Shampoo. This product is more versatile than you think, firstly, it is perfect for the days where you don’t have time to wash your hair and need a hair refresh but it is also great for styling your hair as it adds volume (perfect, right?). To top it off, this product smells amazing. 

PRO TIP: Add the product to clean hair to act as a preventative so your fresh hair lasts longer!


Sip & Style Co - Dry shampoo

FOR your brow artist

Once you find the perfect brow artist, they are worth their weight in gold and you would probably trust them with your life (not to be dramatic at all). I have had the same Brow Artist for years shoutout @BrowsbySarahWittison and she is incredible. This is why we recommend getting your brow artist Milkshake Incredible Milk, not only because it is as incredible as they are BUT most importantly because this product is a hard worker! This leave-in treatment is great for all hair types and has 12 amazing effects for your hair (1. Repairs all hair types, 2. Frizz Control, 3. Prevents split ends, 4. Heat protection, 5. Longer lasting hairstyles, 6. Detangles hair, 7. Magnificent shine, 8. Adds body and volume, 9. Easier styling, 10. Protects and maintains colour, 11. Protects from UV rays and finally, 12. Smoothens the cuticle). So, this product is a hard worker and smells like vanilla and caramel (amazing).

Sip & Style Co - Incredible Milk

FOR your mother in law

We know in-laws are hard to buy for, especially when you find out the day before Christmas that your bf/hubby forget to get her a present! Instead of dashing last minute to Coles or Woolworths to pick up a gift card with some chocolates, get her a fun experience she won’t forget. A Hair Masterclass with Ben O’Brien of course! Ben is not only one of the best hairstylists in Tasmania, with a wealth of styling knowledge, he is also hilarious and will ensure that your mother in law is having the time of her life. 


We have a Soft Waves Masterclass on Jan 14th or you can get her an online voucher for any upcoming masterclasses that tickle her fancy. 


Sip & Style Co - Ben O'Brien


FOR your mother

Has your mother been using the same makeup look for a decade now and needs a refresh? Well, she isn’t the only one, we often find ourselves navigating to the same routine due to habit or just pure convenience. However, the best way to revitalise your makeup routine is with new techniques, some of which, can make you look years younger!


So for all the fabulous mothers out there, we recommend a Makeup Masterclass with Sophie Mcdermott. Even if your mother is a pro at makeup or a beginner, Sophie will guide her through each step of the way and tailor the look to her. 


We have You Glow Girl Masterclass on Feb 5th or you can get her an online voucher for any upcoming masterclasses that tickle her fancy.

Sip & Style Co - Sophie Mcdermott


We understand Christmas shopping can be difficult and very stressful so we hope this blog post gave you a few ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life.


We have added our Christmas Gift Guide below, happy shopping. x

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