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Natalie Anne Haircare X Sip & Style Co

Feb 04, 2024Jake Doran

Sip & Style Co have partnered with Natalie Anne Haircare to bring you a curated collection of luxury, salon quality products, tools and accessories. Natalie Anne Haircare will play a new role in Sip & Style Co with all styling products being used inside of our masterclasses

About Natalie Anne:

Natalie Anne stands as an internationally acclaimed hair artist, distinguished by her award-winning expertise and role as a social media educator. Her prowess extends across a spectrum of projects, from branded collaborations to gracing red carpets, orchestrating runway shows, and spearheading global campaigns.

Natalie Anne

Simultaneously, she has set the stage for innovation and sustainability by establishing the flagship Natalie Anne salon and introducing her own line of haircare products, with an unwavering commitment to long-term hair health.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Natalie Anne generously shares her wealth of experience, style, and insider knowledge. Through captivating content and tutorials, she imparts invaluable styling tips and tricks to her legion of fans and followers, creating a community inspired by the artistry and passion that define Natalie Anne's extraordinary journey in the world of haircare and beauty.

"We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident not matter what our age, ethnicity, or hair type is" - Natalie Anne, CEO

What is Natalie Anne Haircare about:

Founded in early 2017, Natalie Anne Haircare emerged as a testament to the collaborative vision of Natalie Anne and her husband, Arthor James Adams. This venture materialized after enduring years of personal and salon struggles with hair products that failed to deliver on their promises.

Determined to revolutionize the haircare landscape, Natalie Anne embarked on a mission to simplify the game, creating a solution that seamlessly bridged the gap between luxury and do-it-yourself care. The guiding concept was crystal clear: a multifunctional range designed to eliminate the need for layering multiple products to achieve desired results, while also working harmoniously to effortlessly attain the look of elevated styling.

Central to Natalie Anne Haircare philosophy was the incorporation of high-grade, skincare-inspired ingredients aimed at rebuilding, moisturizing, and restructuring hair—rather than deplete it of its condition and care.

Through years of dedicated research, hands-on experience, trial and error, and invaluable client feedback from both at-home users and stylists, Natalie Anne Haircare emerged as a gentle, effective, minimalistic, and luxuriant solution—a manifestation of their commitment to crafting a transformative haircare experience.

Award-winning products:

Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2023 Winner for best new styling product. Prep & Play All-In-One Cream.

Yes, this product does it all! A deliciously scented hybrid heat-protector and styling cream with hydrating sweet almond oil, amla oil & hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Use wet to create volume and height or dry as a high definition cream.

Active Ingredients:

Sweet Almond Oil - highly nutritive & restorative to the hair, with highly moisturising properties.

Amla Oil - rich source of antioxidants, protecting the hair from environmental stressors; balances sebaceous process in the hair.

Collagen - helps support hair integrity.

Natalie Anne Haircare Styling Favourites

Natalie Anne Haircare Accessories

Along with the luxury haircare products for styling and haircare, Natalie Anne haircare also has styling targeted and specific accessories and tools to compliment the range. 

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From busy photoshoots, to ambassador deals, Natalie Anne spends her days, creating head spinning content and running a nationally renowned hair salon, all whilst building her own hair care empire, so it's safe to say Natalie Anne definitely emulates the word “Powerhouse”.

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